Featured Image: Roland Martin, Haitian-American journalist tours Kakum National Park PHOTO: Roland Martin/Instagram

Roland Martin, a popular Haitian-American journalist has joined the tall list of celebrities who have arrived in Ghana for the Year of Return.

The former CNN contributor has already toured several places in Ghana and shared with his Instagram followers photos from his trip to the Cape Coast Castle and Kakum National Park.

He captioned:

“Our first experience when we got to the Cape Coast castle last night was to tell our ancestors that we had arrived, we had libation poured at the foot of the sea. We prayed and they welcomed us! It was a very spiritual experience!!!”

Martin tried his hands on Kente weaving while in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital.

The arrival of Roland Martin, and other celebrities in Ghana, is a response to a call by Ghana’s President Akufo Addo inviting all blacks in the diaspora to return home to Ghana in what he termed as ‘Year of Return’. He declared 2019 as Year of Return to commemorate 400 years since the first batch of slaves left the shores of Ghana.

Since the launch, celebrities and close to a million others have visited Ghana. Notable among the visitors include Steve Harvey, actor Michael Jai White, Anthony Anderson, musician Ludacris, Kofi Kingston and others.