Featured Image: Akon and Bola Ray in Ghana | Photo by: Bola Ray

International music icon Akon has urged Africans in the diaspora to invest their talent and resources in rebuilding Africa.

The Senegalese-American rapper added that the “Year of Return’’ adopted by Ghana, is a good initiative that would strengthen ties with the Africans in the Diaspora and also marks new beginnings that would trigger the growth of Ghana and the continent as a whole.

“It feels good to be back and it’s more exciting to realize that the United States is paying more attention to Africa. Sometimes as an African-America, you feel something is missing until you come back to Africa to find that missing puzzle and know your true history.

“The hospitality is amazing and I think it’s gradually getting to the point where many Africa-Americans would think about relocating and invest their talents and resources in Africa and I believe we can rebuild the continent in no time.

‘’Just start now, it doesn’t matter how small the idea is but I guarantee in the coming years that idea is going to be a multi-million-dollar idea because lots of people would share into it,’’ Akon said at a presser.

He went ahead to praise Hollywood star Boris Cudjoe who has played an important role in making the “Year of Return” a great success.

Akon is among the tens of celebrities who have visited Ghana to join in the Year of Return celebrations.